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GV2 AWWA C509 Resilent Seat Gate Valve
    Publish time 2020-07-08 13:45    
Standards And Specifications
Design standards :
Connection standard :
ASME B16.1;ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11
Face to face :
AWWA B16.10
Testing standard :  AWWA C509
Working pressure :
150psi : NPS 2 - NPS 48
250psi : NPS 2 - NPS 24

Working temperature :
0.6°C ~ 52°C

Used in water treatment plants, direct drinking water, seawater desalination and transmission pipelines.
The product is NSF and WRAS certified and can be used in drinking water and food applications.
If you have special technical needs, please consult the company.

Product features

The upper sealing structure between the valve stem and the valve cover adopts three O-ring design. Compared with the traditional sealing packing structure, the sealing is reliable and the friction resistance is small.
Ductile iron or alloy steel framework with rubber vulcanization whole covering, good sealing, corrosion resistance.
Straight through design, equal to straight pipe, high flow rate, low flow resistance, and ensure reliable sealing. 
Reasonable structure design, small opening and closing torque, long service life, easy to operate.
Seawater working condition see seawater valve special page.



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