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GV5 UL/FM Gate Valve


Standards And Specifications

Design standard:
UL262, FM1120&1130
Connection  standard:
AWWA C606, ASME B16.1, ASME 16.42, ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11, EN1092-2, ISO 7005-2
Testing standard:
UL 262, FM1120&1130
Working pressure:
175psi, 232psi, 300psi


This product is certified by UL/FM, can be used in drainage, water-treatment and fire protection systems.

If you have special technical needs, please consult the company.

Product features

Surface epoxy coating powder has been tested by UL/FM laboratory, completely meeting the requirements of UL262/FM1120&1130 to ensure the product quality.

The fully coated rubber disc passes the standard high speed water flow 6m/s test and the open life test, the rubber has no rupture or permanent deformation, no shedding phenomenon, to ensure the product sealing reliability and service life.

After torque test, this product has no mechanical damage of any parts, which can meet the installation of electric actuator, and will not cause damage of valve parts due to instantaneous too much torque.

The body of casting using ductile iron,with good strength characteristics. Under the high pressure testing, there is no leakage or shell cracking.

Straight-through flow channel, large flow, small flow resistance, and ensure reliable sealing.

Indicator is the main equipment of many fire departments, and it has passed UL / FM certification.

ACME threaded stem with low operating torque.

There is no groove at the bottom of the product, so it is not easy to accumulate impurities. At the same time, it reduces the flow resistance and ensures the sealing reliability.

This product is UL / FM certified.

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