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BUV2 High Performance Butterfly Valve


BUV21 High Performance Butterfly Valve

Design and manufacture standard:
API 609, MSS SP-68, EN 593
Size range:
Pressure Rating:
PN10/16/20/25/40/50, CLASS 150/300
Connection type:
wafer, lug, double flanged
Temperature Range:
-196℃~ +260℃ (-320℉ ~ +500℉)
Operation type:
manual, pneumatic, electric, etc

Standards and Specifications

Temperature and pressure rating:
ASME B16.34, EN 12516-1
Connection flange:
ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ISO 7005, EN 1092-1
Mounting flange:
BS EN ISO 5211
Face to face:
API 609, MSS SP-68, ISO 5752, EN 558
Inspection and testing standard:
API 598, ISO 5208, EN 12266-1


CS and low temperature CS:
WCB, LCB, LCC, A105, etc
Austenitic stainless steel:
CF8M, 1.4408, CF8, CF3M, CF3, CF8C, F304, F316 etc.
Nickel aluminum bronze:
C95800 etc.


Industrial applications Material

High temperature water, Condensate water, Chemical, Medicine, Food production, Paper industry, Shipbuilding, Power plant, Automation equipment, Petrochemical industry, Chemical industry etc, Oxygen and other oil cut-off conditions


Product features

  • Optimized lip seat design, automatic compensation for temperature and pressure changes, with safe and reliable sealing performance.
  • Onsite emergency repair remove the platen and replace the standard seat, without removing the platen and valve shaft, greatly reducing downtime, maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Two-way air tight seal, zero leakage, regardless of the medium flow direction, the valve to ensure sealing performance.
  • Bearing optimization extension design, surface hardening treatment,the valve shaft to provide maximum support, better high temperature resistance,corrosion and resistance to mechanical load deformation performance.
  • Standard with v-type PTFE valve shaft sealing system, ensure the valve opening and closing travel torque is lower, reduce the wear of various parts, and meet the international standards and specifications for emissions.
  • Valve shaft packing part does not need to be removed,easy to adjust, internal travel limit set, prevent clearance, reduce seat wear, prolong life.
  • Double stem design to increase valve flow capacity.
  • The company's high-performance butterfly valve has excellent performance, part of the working conditions can meet millions of switch operation.

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