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BUV33 Cryogenic Triple Offset Valve


BUV33 Cryogenic Triple Offset Valve

Size range:
3"-48"(DN80- DN1200)
Pressure Rating:
Class150, Class300, Class600, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100
Connection type:
wafer, lug, double flanged, butt-welded.
Temperature range:
Operation type:
manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, etc.
Applicable range:
Applicable media: Suitable for LNG liquefaction storage and transportation, air separation unit, hydrocarbon low temperature distillation, aerospace applications, HIPPS and main equipment protection.
Larger sizes and higher pressures can consulted from factory.


Standards and Specifications

Design and manufacture standard:
API 609, EN 593
Temperature and pressure rating:
ASME B16.34, EN 12516-1
Low temperature standard:
BS 6364, BS EN 1626, MSS SP-134
Mounting flange:
BS EN ISO 5211
Connection flange:
ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, ISO 7005, EN 1092-1
Face to face:
API 609, MSS SP-68, ISO 5752, EN 558
Inspection and testing standard:
BS 6364
Valve mark conform to:
MSS SP-25, EN 19
Low emission conform to:
ISO 15848-1, TA-Luft, EPA Method 21

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